A Passion for Printmaking...

Hello and welcome to the website of Jorji Gardener.

Here at Imprints Studio I run two spheres of work, my art prints, and my business making high quality hand made cards which sell in a number of select retail outlets in South Australia and beyond.

The designs are hand-carved lino  blocks, printed on fine Unryushi paper, which results in a beautiful combination of textures and colour.

I am greatly influenced by my years as a landscape designer in Cairns, drawing plans and botanical illustrations and am continually inspired by the patterns of nature, fabrics and Eastern styles of art.

I fell in love with lino carving while studying printmaking in NSW. Although I have experimented with other techniques, I still enjoy the flexibility and challenges of lino printing the most.

I gained a certificate in Printmaking from Lismore Tafe and have completed a course with the inspirational Dianne Longley at the Central School of Art here in Adelaide. I continue to study in the arts  and recently delved into photopolymer printmaking so I'm sure you'll see something new in the near future.

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